What I Love About You

by HeavenzEyez   May 28, 2004

What I Love about You

I love the way you kiss
And the way you hold my hand
I love the way your reading this
And the way you always stand
I love the way you talk
There's so much I have to say
I love everything, your kiss, your face and your walk
So here's a message I want to send today

I love how you always make me feel up high
When I'm feeling so low
I love how you hate to say goodbye
I just want you to know
I love how you miss me
When I'm not around
I love the way you look at me
Even without a sound

I love that I know you'll always be
So gentle and so kind
I hope you know how much you mean to me
And how your always in my mind
I love how I'm always in your heart
I hope you know I miss you when your not here
I love how me and you don't like being apart
And always want to be near

I love the way I was once shy
But you took all the fear away
I love how you know this isn't all a lie
And how you know I'm thinking this everyday
I love how you touch my arm
It's the best touch I've ever had
I love how you seem so calm
When somethings made you angry or sad

I love the way you are each and every hour
How I feel there should be more time to spend
I love the time you once gave me a flower
And how you held it in my hand
I love how much you'd do for me
And how I'd swim the entire ocean
Just so that you'd be able to see
How much of my devotion
I have for you to share with me

I love how much the last few months have been the best
And I hope you feel the same too
I want these feeling to last
Because all I want is you
Love me with all your power
And please remember what I've said
Because I'll remind you every hour
I want you to know you're the best I've ever had

I love how your more then what I asked for
And how I never thought this could be real
This has been the best time then any time before
I just want you to know how I feel
That's why I'm sending you all my wishes
Because you've made them all come true
So here's my message, my hugs and my kisses
Hopefully you already knew
That right now your the world to me
Am I to you?

I love how there's so much more I have to say
But I couldn't possibly find the time
To say all the other things I want to say today
But thank-you for being mine
And thank you for how much you've cared
Its more then what I've asked for
Thank you for all you've shared
Nobody has been like you before

Thank-you for everything you've given me
Thank-you for everything you've made me see
Thank-you for it all
Thank-you for lifting me up when I've had to fall
Thank-you for holding my hand
And making me feel I never have to shout
Thank-you for the surprise
When you asked me out
Thank-you for lighting up my eyes
When we first kissed
Thank-you for lifting my heart
You're better then what I wished
Please remember what I say
I want to remind you everyday
How much you mean to me
Please remember what I say
Thank-you for what you've let me be


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by RainbowSlider

    A lot of love in this poem. Enjoyable to read.

  • 14 years ago

    by HeavenzEyez

    wow i'm really happy u sent ur boyfriend a poem of mine, i didn't really think it was that good, so did he like it?