Why don't you care

by Christina   May 20, 2008

You make me want to pull my hair out,
scream, cry, and shout.
I make no sense in my own mind,
but the answer is something I can't find.
Why didn't you care,
most importantly why weren't you there.
You make me cry, you make me scream,
you make me laugh, make me dream.
I'm scared to feel,
that this good-bye is real.
I put in all the time,
but always ended in rhyme.
I just wish life was fair,
that maybe you would care.
That you would treat me as I treat you,
showing me that you love me too.
I can't breath,
so just leave.
Its not worth the pain,
What do I have to gain?
The world is waiting for me,
waiting for me to be free.
To soar into the sky,
without having to cry.
I'm loosing parts of my soul,
pieces that kept me whole.
Why would you break my heart,
why would you tear me apart?
Was it really so hard to stay,
To find something to say.
What did I do to deserve the pain,
driving me insane.
Please just leave me,
so finally I can be free.
All of this was a lie,
the reason why I cry.
I just wish I knew why you weren't there,
and why you don't care.


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