Positive affirmations

by Nebula   May 21, 2008

I am happy.
(but my heart is sad and my eyes are leaking...)
I am calm.
(but the storm rages inside me, smashing against my walls)
I am loved.
(but I feel so lonely, misunderstood, forgotten)

I am kind.
(but intolerance rips through me, harsh words escape my mouth)
I am wise.
(but bad judgment dogs my heels, impatience claws at my mind)
I am at peace.
(but I scream at the injustice of the world, our planet seems doomed)

I am beautiful.
(but the mirror tells a story of a tired, used body)
I am intelligent.
(but every challenge seems insurmountable, every problem feels impossible)
I am satisfied.
(but I want more, to feel more, know more and be more)

Yes. I am satisfied...
(even if I keep sighing...)
I am growing.
(I will be more)
I must keep trying.
(I can).


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  • 10 years ago

    by Ash

    Amazing work!
    Very original style that just enhances the depth behind this one. I'm just too speechless to say anything more cos this is an amazing piece. A masterpiece if i may add... Keep it up! 5/5