My Name is Jenny !

by Ciara   May 22, 2008

My Name is jenny I am but 3 and tonight my daddy murdered me!

I am by the window just looking out my mummy's down stairs she start to shout, Jenny, jenny, you are killing me, wait till daddy comes home he will set you free. I ran upstairs and put the pillow on my face I tried to cry but alls I could do was wait. "Jenny, Jenny come down here now! "Please daddy, daddy don't shout. He slapped me down till I could hardly breathe, mummy just standing there with her face in disbelief, she cried "oh Jimmy no" and with that he beat her so she would leave, I turned around and saw blood on the floor "oh no my mummy is no more" then my daddy turned to me and kept his promise that he would set me free, he stamped on my head and my brain gave out, sprawled on the floor my daddy walked towards the door, goodbye jenny you are no more.

My name is jenny I am but 3 and tonight my daddy murdered me!


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  • 9 years ago

    by kelleyana

    Really sad indeed. Yeah everyday so much innocents soul died from crazy people.
    well touching and sad story, keep on writing, kel.

  • 9 years ago

    by TotaMariee

    Omg i think im about to cry =[

    Perfect poem. So so sad =[