Leandro (Prose, Part VII)

by Debbie   May 26, 2008

Instead of giving me comfort, Leandro bequeathed to me pain and sadness that was bad enough to begin with, but, as the days went by, was just excruciating to deal with. It came to pass that I could endure it no further that I entreated for freedom. I abandoned the manor, came into the world of mortals--whose lavish pomp and pageantries, vain amusements, fruitless pleasures, as well as the fabulous allure of men--set my brain into utter daze and stupefaction. Only once did I cast a glance upon a fair-haired and majestic human being whom such mortals named Adriel. He enthralled me completely. It was beyond question that he possessed the same grandeur and glory with that of my unfortunate husband Leandro. His bottle green eyes boasted the shade that had haunted me in all of my affairs, along with the temptation and lustful thoughts shown by his eyes, by which I goaded myself to yield into his dominion and immaculate idolatry.

Adriel and I wedded. But, be that as it may, we merely tied the knot to the inspiration of lust. Driven by greed of physical desires, I seized the sadistic flames scorching in Adriel's bosom, and yet at the same time, willingly succumbed myself further into the influence of opium. Though Leandro's quiet display of affection had departed little by little once I had had remarried, I still carried him in my heart and in my spirit. My thoughts of him brought to mind images of emerald eyes with the most vivid glow that I have ever seen. At present, although it happened that my hungry soul hankered for Adriel's tender warmth and affection, it was beyond doubt that the power of lust overruled our universe rather than love. On every occasion I ogled at Adriel's eyes, I never felt any kind of delight or thrill by any means. I began to crave a great deal of the pleasure of flesh, yet remained dissatisfied at the circumstances in which I find myself with my current companion. With the unfailing aid of opium, though, I became excessively rampant, obstructive, and easily angered after some time that Adriel and I frequently fight over insignificant things.


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