The Edge of the World

by Tara   Jun 1, 2008

Is there such thing as the edge of the world?
For that, we'll never know
Cause the astronauts and pilots, and deep sea divers
have gone as far as they can go

I want to see the edge of the world
oh please, just one little peek
cause if i saw, I'd win the noble prize
and at meetings, they'd let me speak

I want to go to the edge of the world
and if i get there don't let me fall
cause if curiosity cause me to jump
I'd guess i'd land in nothing at all!

Do you believe in the edge of the world?
were at the rainbow lies pots of gold
were mermaids and witches and faeries will dance
and you don't have to do as your told

So take me to the edge of the world
where the street signs and sidewalks end
where gravity can't hold you down
and where the earth will never bend

if there was only such thing as the edge of the world
i think we'd find it by now
but i know if i keep walking, I'll find it
and I'll be the one saying "wow...."


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  • 10 years ago

    by PoetryKnight

    Great poem. I mean, there are still people to this day believing there is an edge of the world. Just cause the bible says the four corners of the world.