Thanks dad

by rebel angel   Jun 7, 2008

She cuts alittle deeper
letting the red line swell
slowly the drops fall 1 by 1

she sinks back
trying to enjoy the satisfaction
of a change in pain
the door is thrown open
in steps her father
he takes one look
then turns away

"clean yourself up and quit acting dumb"
he walks out
his words still hang in the air

she doesnt feel the tears
that would have usually come
instead she stands up
and runs

"tell me that i'm wrong
let me know that u give a dang
hold me and say it will be alright!!"

she crawls into his arms
only to be thrown back...
from the floor she shouts

"say the hurt will stop
and it'll leave me be!!!
say that he'll stop
haunting me in my dreams!!!
please daddy...
tell me that i'm not stupid for wanting love!!!"

she wait for an answer...some kind of response.

the man she once ran to for hugs and kisses steps around her and before he disappears behind the door...whispers these 5 hurtfull words:


the door shuts and then she is left alone.....


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