by neverendingpain   Jun 18, 2008

To veronica marie
we used to be so close
but then i met other people
as did you .
but once in a while i think bak
on all the times we've had together
& how much fun we used to have .
i miss all that so muchh wen
we used to sit & talk for hours &
make each other die laughingg .
but slowly & slowly its been fading .
im trying so hard to be like that with you again
but sometimes it seems like you dont even want me in youre life . & wat hurts the most is that you've forgotten all the laughs & inside jokes & everything like that . it seems that all you remember is the bad times we went thru . but i kno that no matter wat if all else fails ill always have youre bak thru anything & ill stand beside you no matter what you chose to do . maybe someday things will be good again . till then alls i can do is try . i love you ronniee i will always consider you my best friend/sister


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