Thousand Miles Apart

by mzSHAWTY   Jun 24, 2008

Another day, passing me by .
& I say a prayer every night hoping you won't leave.

Once you're gone,
Who will try to understand me like you do ??
help me through the struggles & fights ??

And it hurts my soul to know that I won't see your face ..

Wishing` time could freeze, but my time is almost up.
I'll be alright but not exactly okayy .

Never knew I could hurt like this,
Since I've grown so close to you .

I know a piece of me will definitely die,
To see you walk away just like that .

Yes, you'll call once in a while & visit once in a year or two.
But who will make me laugh when it seems so impossible to smile ??

Now it's so hard for me to let anybody in .
You know how I am ..
I can't make friends just like that .
You were the one who introduced me to all my other new friends.

But then you have to go too..
Now I'll be all alone.

& I can't quite figure out why,
everyone's fading out of my once perfect memory .

Cause we're going thousand miles apart.


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