Poems About Saying "Goodbye" to a Friend

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  • A Bad Morning (2) 2

    by Jack

    A Bad Morning
    I woke up and got out of my bed...

  • Uncle Ray (4) 2

    by Jack

    Uncle Ray
    I had an Uncle...

  • Our world has changed
    Like never before...

  • Billy (2) 4

    by Maple Tree

    Closing eyes can visualize
    blond hair and blue...

  • As my days in this place are over
    I pack my stuff and get ready to go...

  • Miles? 1

    by Stuti Singh

    While we're miles closer to be positive,
    What about the miles that separate us...

  • Last Letters' Leverage (1) 1

    by Allan Marisamhuka jr

    Man captures more of the unpredictable mission
    Vision convicted up midst in plightful souls...

  • Amy (1) 1

    by Olivia

    I just want five more minutes to talk to you...

  • Dad (1) 1

    by DarkxPrincess1991

    You were a great man
    You were many things...

  • The Old Harbor (2) 2

    by NightFlyer

    The Old Harbor
    Went down to the sea today...

  • The big C

    by Trinity

    When you were diagnosed we had hope, we had a...
    The treatments they could offer meant your chance...

  • Wayward Feet (1) 1

    by Once an Angel

    Where to plant, I cannot guess,
    these tired, wayward feet...