Poems About Saying "Goodbye" to a Friend

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  • Untill the end

    by shadows of saber

    Warmth hiding under a sea of blankets
    As the chill air engulfs the night air...

  • Best Friend (1) 1

    by Tim

    My best friend, it's been many years
    Since you've been gone, yet still you're near...

  • Stay Handsome, Sunshine 1

    by The Parrott King Jordan R. Stephens

    O’er mountains high, past running stream
    Where breezes blow and sun doth beam...

  • Absentia (1) 2

    by Cantchangeme

    There is a colour that I no longer seem to see
    There is a chain I wear whenever I am free...

  • Should’ve Said No

    by The Parrott King Jordan R. Stephens

    Love ain’t what it used to be,
    and the air is thicker...

  • See You Soon Grandpa
    My heart is torn...

  • One => street (syntuit) (2) 4

    by Mr. Darcy

    my breath is yours so
    while suffocating I know...

  • Anchors away… 2

    by Mr. Darcy

    Watch as Grandpa’s grief is simpered
    away by the all at once shadows...

  • fifth on my list
    the look in your eyes begged for help...

  • family

    by Patrick Watson

    The threads that bind
    Inspection to the present...

  • it’s all jagged about my edges
    I am an emotionally driven, person...

  • Ever-Now

    by Zustandsdichtung

    Memory, you ever-now
    floating in the space of nostalgia...