Fast Runner

by Iola   Jul 8, 2008

The stripe is clearly drawn at her foot
Her forehead drips with sweat
She lifts her chin and sees the good
Her eyes shut from all that is dead

Each muscle contracted in sheer conviction
Her stomach turning at no fear
Fine tuning the essence of her prediction
As she realize that victory is near

A precious smile around her clenched lips
Her eyebrow raised and focused with sight
Guns and roses fixated to her hips
Running this race with all her might

Faster and faster she is racing ahead
No distraction in sight for many miles
Discarding the stains and ready to forget
Racing away and closing so many files

The air is clear as she approach the line
Her skin glows with pearls of glory and grace
She leaps into a new sphere prepared over time
The fastest runner will have the best day of days


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