My Favorite Cousin

by adroit   Jul 9, 2008

My favorite cousin
The one who I hated every other minute
My sister
In a way
The one who I swam with
Every day in the summer
The one who always made me angry
Gods, you loved to scare me
You made me stay up late
Watching horror movies
You told me a bear lived in your cellar
And invisible sharks lived in the pool
Only to come out at night
And eat little children
Now you are planning on getting married
You are pregnant
You signed my birthday card
Love Nichole and Ryan
I feel like I don't know you sometimes
I feel like you've left me behind
But you are my cousin
You were the one I learned to confide in
To trust
I love you and want you to be happy
But it makes me sad
That everything has changed so much
You smoke and you swear
And I wonder what happened to you
What changed
And I sometimes find myself
Really missing you


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