English Paper

by Ronald McDonald   Jul 17, 2008

Apostrophe denotes possession
Comma begets pause
Capital signals beginning
Period pens the end
Words and rules
The bureaucrat's chosen medium
That most tedious and enduring idiom
Which does often a great mind vex
Upset with rage at each red X
Ludicrous is the standard set
Of the silly frivolous science
Grammar and form
The peacocks prideful show
Upturned nose of high society pride
The beauty of expression has now died
Murdered by your red stained stylus
Society's downfall brought to pass
Thank you so much you most ungrateful-


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  • YES, I give 5/5! If I could I would give you even higher but well 'they' wont let me. Anyway I get what you mean about the red 'x's cause they drive me crazy and still do. In fact i dont get my teacher...

  • 9 years ago

    by Ed or Ian Henderson

    As a recipient of many a red X in my life, I toast you. Even though your burgers suck. ;-)

  • 9 years ago

    by Christopher Wry

    Sounds right to me. Seems that people and groups always find the wording that covers their you know what.