by StuPiD FrEaK   Jul 17, 2008

Would it matter if I try to speak a word?
Would it change if only you just heard?
I know that I am the one to blame
I can also accept the shame

It's just that you keep ignoring
Even though I tried apologizing
And from some point, I just gave up
I could clearly see the gap

We found our separate ways from that day on
Although I stopped showing it, I feel alone
When I look at you, I wonder if I did matter to you
It hurts to see that what I thought is true

Do you even think you lost a friend in me?
Or am I the only one who feels it?
Can't you think back and see the times we shared?
It shocked me when you left me unprepared

Days will pass and later will years
Do you really want our friendship to disappear?
Your answer will change the things in present
You might not know, it would be unpleasant.

If I did matter once, then tell me.
But if it did not occur you, then I'm sorry
Your answer will make this end.
Do you still want to be my friend?


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