Poems About Broken Friendship

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  • Why am I not surprised

    by Ricky Story

    I’m happy you only live once.
    Me,, I’ll continue. Alive; your not worth much...

  • Memories (1) 1

    by Denise Divine Cruz

    The moments that we shared,
    The bonds that we had...

  • Grown up

    by Nikhil Devanikar

    just a guy singing tunes of a bygone era
    where we didn't care about the riviera...

  • Memories (1) 3

    by KELLiE SHEA

    The world spins faster...

  • Responsible (1) 3 HM

    by Skyfire

    It seems
    my soot...

  • Remember You 1

    by Katrynn

    If you're ever crying,
    Just know I'm always there...

  • Adrift 5

    by Skyfire

    The hole in your heart
    where the moon once lived...

  • Same Name (3) 7 WIN

    by Stephanie

    You can burn me, use me, cut me down to size,
    But that won't make me less than what I already am...

  • empathy (2) 1

    by Stuti Singh


  • Purple Thoughts

    by Eminent Bard

    I look up at the night sky
    Wondering if you see the moon shining bright...

  • Sister Cuckoo (4) 3

    by Baffy Midmashie

    I felt the imbalance
    I knew from the start...

  • Tattered 3

    by Skyfire

    Just tell me
    who you want me to be...