Someone to Love Me

by Matt Calderone   Jul 20, 2008

{Someone To Love Me}

I Just want someone to love me
Love me for what I am
Not for what they see on the outside
But for what they see on the inside

They say that everyone has a soul mate
Will I ever find my lover?
Will my lover ever find me?

It's been 17 years
17 years of loneliness
17 years of pain, sorrow

I just want someone to love me
To love me the way I want them to

Pain, sorrow
These are the things that I grew up with
Joy, happiness
These are the things that I wish I grew up with

I wish I had someone to love me
Someone to guide me when I'm lost
Someone to hold me when I'm sad
Someone to watch my back when I'm in trouble

This plague of pain hurts me emotionally
How I wish that this plague of pain would go away

I think that my mind is starting to breakdown mentally
That's why I wish that I had someone to care for me
Someone to help me up when i fall down
Someone to carry me up when I can't walk
Someone to take care off me when I'm sick

I think you should know the way I feel
Cause I'm so sad
I don't really know how to be happy
My happiness if fake

The people who care for me say they do
But I don't believe anything they say
I believe it's all lies and deceit

I want to break free of this fear of hurting people
I want to take everything
Everything, and throw away my problems

I don't know what I'm fighting for
clutching this pain
This pain close to me
I want to to let it out
So people will not be scared of me

I feel confident
But if there's a will there's a way

I just want someone to love me for who I am
Love me for what I am
Not hate me for who I am and what I am

© 88BlackWings


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  • 9 years ago

    by immy

    Wow, This, This Is Amazing.

    Its Inspirational

    I Mean It, It's Like Wow!

  • 9 years ago

    by ViolentlyDisturbed

    Hmm i think this is my fave of yours another great job i soo love this !

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