What did i do wrong?

by Silence   Jul 22, 2008

I thought things could be different.
When you were around,
It gives me a peace of mind.
Just by talking to you, gives problem no airtime.

Just as i thought you're the one whom i can trust and confide in,
Things started to change.
I'm upset.

I don't know what's the cause.
I don't know what i've done wrong.
But i'm here saying this to you,
I'm sorry.

I wonder if i ever exist in your eyes.
Am i invisible to you?
I've never thought you would be so cold.
I'm sad.

Day and night i think about it,
Hoping for the better.
But all i got is tears rolling down my cheeks.
I cried.

I wish things could have been different.
I wish all this could never happen.
But it's all too late now.

All i want you to know is that
I need you,
I miss you,
and I love you.


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