Lost Trust

by Angel Eyes   Jul 24, 2008

You said you don't trust me alone with my little sister,
and i don't blame you,
i wouldn't either.
but not having your trust,
makes me want to die.
I'm sorry i did what i did.
its not that i meant to.
i never wanted to do that.
i just snapped,
i hate not having any control.
every time you say you don't trust me....
i feel like...
like slitting my wrist and bleeding to death...
thats what i feel i deserve.
I'm sorry I'm making your life hell...
i never wanted to....
i don't know whats wrong with me.
I'm sorry I'm not the perfect daughter.
I'm sorry you cant depend on me..
I'm sorry i lost your trust...
but must of all
I'm sorry i failed you


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