Mom's Love

by Cristian Teo Regalado   Jul 27, 2008

As i walk through this life of pain
I got the same blood of hers running through my veins.
Knowing this I know she didn't die in vane,
It was her not my dad who gave me my name.

I only remember her by memories and thoughts,
But my life is not a love story it has a different plot.
One that is more sad and depressing.
All these thoughts in my head got my stressing.

No one should have to bury there mom that soon.
It mixes everything i know in my head like a typhoon.
Now shes gone and I've never felt the experience of a mom.
These pains and thoughts building up waiting to blow like a bomb.

All I wanna do is find shelter and run away,
But the further i run, the closer comes the day.
I've come to the end of the world and can't run anymore.
I guess my life can fit into the genre of a horror.

Yet I wait for the day I've waited all my life,
When I will no longer have any strifes.
When this day comes I'll live in peace and harmony,
Until then I'll work hard everyday, because I know i got my mom's Love inside of me...


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by xxDaniellexx

    Wow!! That's so touching. Made a tear run down my face.

    I nearly lost my mom when I was 8 yrs old.

    Can't imagine what you've been through.

    Your mom would be proud!

  • 9 years ago

    by Kianna

    This poem is great...and very touching......ur mom would love it..and all the other poems u wrote <3

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