She's A Hurt Girl

by Sophia lokkdupthoughts   Aug 10, 2008

Whats sposed to be safe and comforting actually hurt her the most,
when she saw him in the bathroom she was praying that it was instead a ghost.

oh her world had gotten crashed and crumbled.

his touch made her weak and oh so humble.

all she could do was cry.
and all she thought was why?

she held so much anger, but she had to pretend like nothing was wrong.

when all she could think of was sad and depressing songs.

she'd cry to herself at night because she couldnt do so to others.

and she wanted to tell her brother about one of theyre mothers lovers.

she thought she'd never forgive him.

and hell no she didnt for making such a vulgar sin.

she remembers everything; she remembers his voice;
she tryed to run but it was obvious that it wasnt a choice.

she goes out now; lives life day to day;
still hurt; but all she can do is pray.

she lives life regularly but she has to look in the mirror everyday and see the pain in her eyes.

she thinks it might be better if she made herself believe she was crazy and full of lies.

so here she is, the girl you never knew is telling you a story;
and she knows its too late for help but she still needs the glory.


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