by Janine Meyer   Aug 14, 2008

I clearly remember how we used to be together,
When our love first began, all the things we did together
Day after day, week after week
All the excitement and joys we shared
We lived life like there was no tomorrow
Never a moment to spare,
Not caring what was being said
We loved life, just you and me
Love binded us together
A bond so strong
We shared it all
We were one.
Never hiding any little secret,
We indulged in our desired fantasies
We were the envy of all who knew us
We were the dream couple,
Every couple all wish they had for themselves.

But then that November Morning in 2007,
when darkness closed in from all sides
Deception was the name,
It was but one brief interlude for you,
While I was away in Thailand,
No thought was given or spared for me
about the heart that was about to broken.

A trust that is now broken,
Dreams that are shattered,
our love never again to be the same.
No matter how hard we try together,
I still can not help but wonder will things ever be the same again!

To love unconditionally,
never questioning or wondering,
Are you again on the net today, looking?

I keep asking myself -
Can I go on like this?
So many questions?
All these insecurities?
All these doubts?
Do I deserve this?


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