Lexington Green

by HollywoodSmile   Aug 17, 2008

no, there it is again.
the wretched wringing of bells aroused the patriot in me.
me, and thirty seven other minute men.
thirty seven worried wives, threatened lives, amd families;
Waiting while we gather, bodies soon to be scattered, across Bedford Road.
A local farmer denied the Redcoats' arrival, a frontiersmen told other wise.
The rumors held true, on horse back they came, "Lay down your arms!" but we
Rebels no longer obeyed Brittish command.
Sounding the beat to arms, at the word of Captain Parker.
One shot fired, no telling where from,
we colonists faced death clothed in red cloth, no blood - not yet.
chilled we remained, starin down the barrels of our adversary.
The body positioned next to mine falls, sillent and stained.
Was he farmer? Neighbor, brother, friend?
His face; didnt matter. His name; didnt matter.
It was American blood; spilled, foretelling many deaths yet to come.
Niether triumph nor defeat did we possess; the war had just begun.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Dixiedaisy

    You have done quite an amazing job of a first person view of this event without a redundance of I's.
    I was glad to see a great job on the timeline of events. This was a very important battle in our American History. The shot heard round the world. I wish more people would write on their history regardless of American or not. It would definitely be insightful and a good read. Great job.

    There were a couple of spelling mistakes....you have ..threatened lives, AMD (should be and) families starin should be staring (though the phonetic way of speaking it you have done) Also, the word Brittish should be British, and then at the end if I am not wrong myself it should be neither not niether.

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