Hanging on a Coat Rack

by Iola   Aug 28, 2008

It is midnight
Half past eleven to be precise
Some shadow has given me a fright
I realize now that we both are paying a price

Morning coffee
Memories burns my throat within
Recent happenings still seems to shock me
My body rattles when I imagine what life may bring

Time for lunch
I wonder how you have grown
Somehow I was better prepared for this punch
Although what happened touched me to the bone

Candlelit dinner
A presence removed forever
We both seem to be getting thinner
After all this we are so much cleverer

Midnight snack
As I lie gratefully alone and feel
I can never have an old life back
Although it is my future that you steal

Water at three
You are fading like ice flakes on fire
This time I am the one who makes you free
So that we can move on with new fuel and desire

Hanged aside
Trying to word smith whatever I feel today
In my past lie the rules to which I use to abide
Now I am wearing a brand new coat and walking away


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