My Fortress

by rosalina calling   Aug 29, 2008

They say I am strong,
But coldness is preceived as strength.
And the castle around my heart
Is really a fortress,
Built not only to keep intruders out,
But also to keep my emotions in.
My guards are armed.
Lies make their shields.
False happiness they use for swords.
And inside,
I am a prisoner to my own
Faked apathy,
A slave to my anger,
And a servant to pain and sadness.
My intelligence,
Knowing what I have to lose,
Prevents me from truly rebelling,
From breaking down the walls
That lock me up,
From letting my emotions run wild.
Someday, though,
Some stronger bit of anger,
Of deafening misery,
Will seep through my defenses
And pave the way
For my escape.
My mind will no longer
Control me.
My feelings will take charge
And no one will be able
To stop them.
My heart will be exposed.
My fortress will fall.
I will fail.
And I will fall.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Lets Keep it A Surprise

    Sometimes i wonder where you get your inspiration from.

    Cause i'm not gonna lie this sounds alot like when I was telling you about how I was.


  • 10 years ago

    by Minkus

    Very, very well done. I really enjoyed this poem. It's definitely a five as is, but I will make one suggestion (as I always do, if I can:) examine the line breaks near the end. Some of them make it feel just a tiny bit overdramatized, which you've managed to avoid throughout the rest of the poem. Then again, they are kind of cool, because they might mimic heavy, quick breathing. Whatever. Anyway, good work!