Wedding Vows[Extremly long lol]

by MyMuse   Aug 31, 2008

Look at me to this day with you in front of me.
I am standing in front of God with this question.
"Am I ready" no, I am not ready
We rushed things but you know
That doesn't change a thing.

Because I bet their were alot of people
That said we weren't going to make it.
I'm so glad we made it this far.
We are going still going to go strong
Through the hard times.

You are still the one I kiss at the end of each day.
You are still the one I hold on to.
You are still the one that my heart belongs;
The person that helped me fix it back into one piece.

You know whenever I am with you.
I still get the butterflies
when you kiss me I still have blush on from the last time you kissed me.

We were on a journey from day one
And now this doesn't even stop it
It just makes new roads and obstacles for us to go through.
When it gets cold and hopeless outside
I wont give in,
I will just half to keep holding on and just keep strong when you are with me.

We will make through anything at all.
Our relationship wont ever come to an end
Look we use to be complete strangers in love
Now we are soon to be husband and wife.

You know I use to have one heart to protect
But now I am fighting for two but beating
And breathing for two.
Ok you know what?
I was always full of fears and crying these tears.

I want our journey to continue hand in hand.
I want to look up at the stars
And know that our memories are made under these stars.
Dancing under the moon.
Laughing in the grass.
Learning alot from one another.

Growing and going stronger each day.
Sparks in my eyes, fire deepening in my eyes,
All of this trying to find out what love is?
What is it?

Love made me twist up in you.
The love between us, has changed everything about me,
it made me have hope within my heart.
In a perfect world, we would create our own

I might not be brave,strong or smart
I know our love will find a way,
Anywhere I will go i am home as long as your there right beside me like night turning into day.

I was so afraid to love you,
But when I looked at you into your eyes
I see love is never wrong so it never dies.
There's that perfect world shining in your eyes.
When I stand next to you,
I always want to smile up at you with joy.

The best kind of true love is the kind that weakens the soul.
It makes you just reach out for more.
And it plants a fire in our hearts.
It brings peace to our minds even though you cant seem to breathe because of each moment I share with you, it takes it away.
You have given me something I could never trade something else for.

I could still see the love when I look you in the eyes.
I know I can hear your heart beat for every time I kiss you.
I know when we are apart, I can feel of how much you miss me.
When you spin me around I feel like I am flying.

We are going to make mistakes
But you know just remember it'll be just another turn.
I still remember when you first whispered
Those three wonderful sweet words "I love you"
And know you meant it with your whole heart and you still do.
You just accept me of everything I am.

Now these are my wedding vows to you.
I hope you like them,
Hope you will cherish it with your whole heart.
I know I kissed you a million times
But now where is my first sweet kiss as my husband?


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  • Ya about that i dont know about you sometimes my dear!! But this is very beatiful if we were ever getting married i would love these to be ours cuz i cried my love lol



  • 10 years ago

    by FountainsOfBlood

    OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Actual tears man!! Omg this is so good courtney i llooovveee it! There's just nothing to say otherwise

    btw, who was that written about? please pm me and tell me! I'm so interested! :D