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Oh beautiful life you are like a rose, you are something to cherish. So fragile but you are...the syboal of love...oh life you are like a mystery something that i need to solve but someday you will die. I just need to live life to the fullest. I am in love with a girl named Terra Chants. We have been dating now for like a month :]. I have my awesome friends Jack Skye Rose..such amazing people :D. If you ever need someone there for you I will totally be here. I use to live in missiouri now in LONDON AHHH but if i never moved here three years back I would of never met Terra and Jack =] well peace people!! [if you want me to comment your poetry pm me and tell me the poem or rate a quote lol. Idc if you comment mine i am just here for the hell of the ride! =] Dante Stone!! [Terra loves her little jerky teddybear :D. She always did that is my secret ;] Give Dante a chance..he is the sweetest guy in the world!! Totally ^o^ Terra Chants was here.

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  • A true friend stands by you no matter what you have done. They are the kind of people that no matter if your dead silent/boring...or just plain random and full of energy, they accept and love you for who you are. Not what they hear.

    10 years ago
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  • When you get married and say "till Death do us Part",
    Sooner or later you will realize...
    You are setting a goal


    11 years ago
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