The Little Girl

by Max Krakers   Sep 1, 2008

The little girl,
Ran along her way.
But she was to clumsy,
Or so to say.

She tripped over,
The smallest of stones.
Hurt her head on the ground,
And broke some bones.

The little girl,
Just had to stay strong.
She knew what was right,
And what was wrong.

The little girl,
Was so full of life.
Defeated her anger,
And conquered her strife.

That little girl,
Did not want to stop.
Still my little sister,
Yet all grown up.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Melanie

    Aww, geez I've been glancing and reading over most of your other poems as well and you have such a talent for writing. youre' really good with how you put together your words and they just seem to all flow together. I think almost all your poems make me want to cry though. But crying isn't such a bad thing, it can sometimes make you feel better.

    Melanie =]

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