Poems About Family

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  • Mommy

    by Courtney Hough

    Sparkling eyes,
    Oh those baby blues...

  • Swinging 2

    by [M(/)U]

    The constancy, the repetition:
    that’s what I loved...

  • A is for Alluvial, a girl with flow
    M is for Marvelous, watching you grow...

  • Toddlers (1) 1

    by Linda

    She wants to sleep in bed with him,
    and smack him in his face with a train set...

  • Family (WIP) (4) 2

    by Aearion

    Family a important word
    Some share a life of love...

  • Mothers Day

    by Ellis

    I Know Its That Time Again Mum
    It's One Of The Toughest Times Of The Year...

  • The Lighthouse

    by Ellis

    When everything seems to be at a loss
    And life becomes stormy like the sea...

  • The costs of death (10) 9

    by Michael

    These hands of mine, are worn and done
    the math they held, was more than some...

  • Knitted Socks (2) 2

    by [M(/)U]

    Between her snoozes and sneezes,
    she’d knit me through her coughs and wheezes...

  • Father to Son

    by Mekael Shane

    And if someday
    My sons ask...

  • comfort blanket (2) 1

    by the color green

    you were too big for me to warm you,
    so you had to let me go...

  • When I implied to my mother that I had been...
    I replied, with my victim mentality, “Right...