Apocalyptic Love

by Beautiful Chaos   Sep 3, 2008

There was nothing
The air was still
Silence blanketed my world
Numbness set in

My heart
Once exploding with passion
Writhing in pain

Those words fell from your lips
I ate them
Like a starving man at a feast

No doubt
No uncertainty
My soul
Melting into your eternity

Your eyes
Were my endless abyss
Your laughter
My smile

The beat of our hearts
The rhythm of life
Yet delicate

This end
Still insanity
Setting in

A Broken empty shell
Living dead
Remnants of our love
All that I can be

Nothing heard anymore
Nothing but your voice
Ringing in my ears
Deepening the gaping hole in my being

Spent reliving
My loves great tragedy

Sleeping or awake
Haunted by your face
Your touch
Your tenderness

Even as you broke my heart
You cared
That too
Was inescapable

Though it had to be
As we knew from the start
I never imagined
It would hurt this much

Forbidden fruit
So sweet,delectable
Bringing destruction
On a rapturous wave


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