Take a Look Inside

by ShadowDancer   Oct 3, 2008

Mind like a rabbit hole.
Up is down, down is up.
mind like a maze. Mazemind.
I want out, and the world is spinning like a top

And the maze is full of people
And the people hide their faces
But I think I know them

Not all those who wonder are lost
But the people are running running running
Like an upturned puzzle
A kicked anthill

And who will save the queen?

If you don't know where you are
Where you're going...

the puzzle pieces in the maze in the mind

and I know what their faces look like
blonde haired
blue eyed
and scared and running
from each other

how do you even try to hide when there's so much light?

Hiding hiding hiding from the big bad...


I don't hate because I hurt
I hate because I can still feel

Want to lock it up in a pretty box

With a green silk bow

For a rainy day

take me away to the funny farm, i think i'm cracking


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