I wouldn't like it

by ShadowDancer   Oct 3, 2008

My mind is a whirlwind, so brace yourselves

Imagination. the everyday escape. LSD without the cost, without the stupification. the escape for the imprisoned.

Imagine a world without fear. try.
impossible, eh?

if you feel you should kiss, kiss
if you feel you should breathe, breathe
if you feel you should kill, kill

anarchy. impossible. how we used to live. how nature decreed it

instead, we make war.
a war on terror? Mankind declearing war on basic emotion.
Might as well declear a war on anger. a war on love
If you're not with us, you're against us.
are we moving forward or backwards?
oh god of progress, have you forsaken or forgot us?

logic and reason are for little girls who fall down the rabbit hole
the good in humanity < the bad
has done, will do, forever and a day

i can be surrounded and feel lonely, i can be alone and feel overwhelmed
i am a paradox.

don't touch. i'll break.
or you will.

in my mind, i am crazy. catch 22 anyone? how do i even get up in the morning?

in a country without guns and without a monarchy, we're ruled by the famous, not our elected officials.
only in the west can a rock star be a dictator, an actress be a queen.
who says we are civilized? the strongest rules, yes?
does being able to play guitar make you worthy of leadership?

if i have learnt anything from jones town, it's check your kool aid. even if they tell you to drink it. leaders want to lead, but do followers WANT to follow?

the world is my judge, i am guilty more than i am innocent

string me up and see what slips through my lips


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  • 10 years ago

    by Dark Savior

    This is a very controversal subject that i'm surprised to see someone write about. I am not surprised that you have no votes for it.

    I feel that it's more of conjecture and thought than it is a poem. I had a hard time following through with a lot of the subject lines.

    In the end I decided to give it a five, because the basis, in my personal opinion, is for a poem to get you to think...and that is exactly what this poem did.