Just Like That

by Inside the Liar   Oct 6, 2008

Copyright October 5, 2008 by Skye Sieglaff

Just wait.
Freeze yourself in that position.
Don't move.
I like you like that.
Water running all over you as you try to avoid the rain.
Pushing up your glasses and laughing.
Because your clothes are getting soaked through
But you don't care.
Because you're running to me.
Always running to me.

Your shirt thrown halfway across the room.
Paint on your bare chest,
Dripping down toward your pants line.
Getting white paint
On your olive complexion.
"Relax" you tell me
With one of your careless grins.
"It'll wash off."

Hold that pose.
Walking in the door
Looking perfect as always.
"What do you think babe?
Are you ready for this?"
Then proceeding to throw out one of your
Hypothetical "What if?" questions
The ones you always want me to answer.

Stop right there.
With your arms wrapped tight around me
And my face buried in your chest as
Some slow romantic song plays and we dance.
To anyone watching, it looks like you're whispering
Sweet nothings in my ear.
But what you're really doing
Is singing off-key.
And then you whisper contentedly,
"Does it get any better than this?"

Go back to that gorgeous night
The place where you finally gathered the courage to kiss me for the first time.
You brought me back there once more.
And it was here that you fell to your knees, pulled out a ring box and said:
"I've tried to imagine my life without you in it.
And the picture I got wasn't pretty.
You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met.
The only woman I ever wanted to meet.
I love you more than I love my own life.
I never want to lose you, or misplace you.
I'm not a romantic guy, but you make me feel like being one.
What I'm trying to say is...
Will you marry me?"

I know, logically, that there is no place you'd rather be
Than by my side.
And I know that I never have to worry about losing you.
But on those days.
The really, really, amazing, incredible days
The days when I can't believe you're mine to keep
Forever and ever and ever.

It's on those days that I feel like telling you:
Just wait.
Freeze your self in that position.
I know I don't have to worry about losing you.
But just in case I ever do,
I want to remember you
Just like that.

Copyright S. Sieglaff


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Paiger

    Beautiful, I love the idea of this poem, its very original. You paint very clear images in the readers mind.

    I will never forget the quote :
    Just wait.
    Freeze your self in that position.
    I know I don't have to worry about losing you.
    But just in case I ever do,
    I want to remember you
    Just like that. "

    It makes me think of my own actions, I really honestly think I've done that, just taken a good long look to think, I want to always remember this.

    Definitely one of my favorite poems I've read in a long time. <3

    5/5 +

  • 10 years ago

    by Mister 47

    I stopped and wait and frozen y this piece soo strange one ,i never seen one like this ,

    i normaly like traditional ones but this one made me want to get my cloth of and freeze !!^_^

    and i loved it litleraly who new you are able to create such lovely ones ^_^

  • 10 years ago

    by iFallToPieces

    Awwww this is a really really really cute and sweet poem. I love the whole "Stop, wait" thing it just made me want to read it. Wonderful work 5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by HollyNichole

    I absolutely love this poem. it's so sweet and just... real. the way you describe everything, really lets the reader "see" whats happening

  • 10 years ago

    by Cotton Candy Clouds

    Aww very very cute poem : ) i'm glad to hear that happy endings still exist ! i loved the repetition of the "freeze" it brought the reader out of the picture you just painted and had us imagining a new one 5/5 !