This Unplanned Life

by Inside the Liar   Jan 24, 2014

The tire swing sways gently in the breeze;
the children's gleeful screams fill the air.
A comforting aroma of baking cookies
wafts across the yard
to the man in the driveway.
He glances toward the house,
sees me through the window,
and smiles.

Tutor, maid, chauffeur,
doctor, nurse, chef.
Somebody's mother;
Somebody's wife.

That is where I am now.
This is WHO I am now.

Is it as hard to believe
for you
as it is for me?
I never thought
that I would be this woman.

I thought I would always
be your woman.

Copyright 2014 S. Sieglaff


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  • 6 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    There seems to be a lot going on within this story.
    Like someone who really wanted but could not accept, stands afar and looks at what has become or what has been lost; while the other is trying to make it understand. Lots of images here...nice write.