Just Give Us A Chance

by An Angel in the Darkness   Oct 8, 2008

I am hurting and I don't understand why
The one person that said they would always be here
Is letting me fly

Doesn't he understand
Why can't he see
I just don't want to be free.

Take me by the hand
Come on baby lets take a stand
We can prove the world wrong

Stop turning away
Go ahead and touch me it's ok
Take my hand and lead me away

Tell me you love me
Promise me you'll stay
We can make it through all of this one day

Why can't I make you see
I'll be everything you need
Just give me a chance, come on baby please

I'm on my knees
I am begging you to see
Please don't give up on our fight

Say you hear my plea
I going to say I love you
And now I am just waiting to see what you're going to say to me.


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