by Alexis   Oct 10, 2008

Just laugh it off,
say they are tears o f j o y.

Just fake a smile,
and pretend that you're not crushed over that
silly little boy.

If i could change one thing
it'd be the way you thought of me.

&& if i could change two
id change the the pretense of what they thought i should be .

B r o/ k e n.
is the only thing I feel.

And P A I N
is the only thing that seems real.

Being a //wreck// is the only thing I know how to be

and i wish someone would care about what is happening to me .

Before ... my heart was [broken],

and a little bit bruised.

But then i met you...

and then I fell for you

now theres an arrow through it too

I L O V E Y O U </3


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