by An Angel in the Darkness   Oct 11, 2008

He tells me there is nothing to be sorry for,
But I can see it's all a lie.
I can see the hatred building slowly,
He can't hide the look in his eye.

I swore I would never do this
But maybe it's just my time.
I'm as worthless as they all said
And to this I will no longer deny

I am sorry for the person I am
And that I am not as perfect as he deserves
Maybe one day he'll find new love
One as true as we were

All I wanted was for his happiness
And to finally be the one he needs
But I can see now
That this was a useless deed

There is no way that someone like me
Can be what he needs
Maybe once upon a time I was what he wanted
But this is a time that has passed

I wanted to say that I love you
Before the time has come to pass
I am sorry I cannot be perfected
And I am sorry that this has come to be

So with this I see it is time to leave
A quiet kiss in the dead of night
I bleed to keep our love alive
And I will die tonight knowing it was worth it


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