Stuck in the middle

by Kristen   Oct 13, 2008

Stuck in the middle, dazed and confused,
I want him, but I also want you,
two totally different people,
one enjoying life and always smiling,
and one hating life and always frowning,
stuck in the middle, dazed and confused.
What to do, who to choose?
either way someone gets hurt,
I truthfully feel like giving up on you,
and going for him,
I'm tired of trying to make you change,
people keep telling me its never going to happen,
He makes me world go around and around,
like you used to.
But, now i'm stuck in the middle dazed and confused,
breaking my heart little by little without you even knowing it,
at the same time him healing my heart little by little,
what to do who to choose?
I want him but I also want you,
I have to do this for me and no one else,
I want to be happy either way,
but, either way i'm hurting one of you,
not my intentions, I just want to get out of being stuck in the middle.

Kristen Ruse - 10/10/08.


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