by Diane   Oct 19, 2008

A beautiful girl in a tragic world
Lifetime of pain her smile went cold

Only 15 years old still so young
So much left to live for tasks left undone

She took her own life on a dark February night
Life was too hard to handle she was too tired to fight

She trusted the wrong one she thought she was safe
She woke up not knowing in a drug induced haze

She held in her anger she covered the pain
She tried to recover yet drowning in shame

She made a decision that she thought was right
She prepared for a farewell planned for Thursday night

She wrote goodbye poems then went out in the dark
To the tree by a bench on a hill in a park

Was she scared at that moment? Did she change her mind?
Did she call out to Angels? Were they at her side?

Did she wish to be rescued? Was it just a prank?
Was this done for attention? There was no turning back

What she must have been thinking we will never know
Her despair led her to this she had to let go

When she took her last breath her brief life must have flashed
No more time left for a future her short life now her past

Then the Angels she called to answered her cry
The truth was revealed no longer a lie

When her soul left her body to her new home she went
Where the young and the hurting don't have to pretend

When she got to Heaven where her loved ones stood waiting
One soul looked familiar in the front He was standing

As she got closer she remembered the face
Only seen Him in photos then she called out His name

It was there that she met Him for the very first time
Her father who loved her they hugged then they cried

"Mariah" He asked her, "Why are you here?"
"It was not your time yet, not even near!"

I was tired of living in a cruel tragic world
I was tired of hurting so I said no more

From now till forever together they will be
A Father and Daughter for Eternity...

In Loving Memory of
Marco Marcelo Facio (Father)
Mariah Marcela Facio (Daughter)


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