Poems About Death

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  • Chronic pain

    by Kaimeyo

    The pain I’ve grown used to
    Will be a source of suicide for another...

  • Merry men of the glen

    by Andrew Mayanja

    Some were prepared to be
    Suicidal, I was like, alright...

  • Faultless

    by Blake

    These righteous roots can never again lie
    Nor rest beneath the bowers and cry...

  • A crispy silver moonlight shone
    upon the frosty leaves...

  • The Dark Midnight Lights

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    Along the River Rother
    Torch-lights search the muddy banks...

  • All humans suffer
    grief throughout their dull lives...

  • Burning seas 2

    by Vera Campbell

    Burning seas lose to me,
    Taking all my family...

  • An epitaph (3) 3

    by Em

    The day
    I scribe...

  • 3.38am (2) 5

    by Em

    3.38am and I cannot sleep
    despite my body yearning for rest...

  • Bunny Girl

    by I'm_Trippy

    The sun was waving goodbye before his sight.
    There he was, alone sitting without feeling tense...

  • Dear Friend, Chapter 3: The VoiceMail (1) 2

    by Kryptonite Dreamer

    --ring ring--
    "Hey you've reached me you know what to do...

  • Graveyard (3) 4

    by Shah

    As I walk alone in the pouring rain
    Thoughts go through my brain again...