Poems About Death

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  • Departure (2) 3

    by Lost star

    Contrary to popular belief
    the pain is almost exquisite...

  • Worship No More (2) 4

    by Kakera

    For a third of my life
    I've worshiped Death...

  • You may always take my hands to lead me to your

  • For the world to see
    Ones heart beats...

  • #21 (2) 1

    by Nil

    Two days until
    the anniversary of your funeral...

  • Each year

    by C Cattaway

    Each year, only one, so far,
    Experienced as the last...

  • Futility 2

    by NightPersonality

    Scrambling for purpose,
    Sinking further down, down...

  • A Day in the Life (1) 1

    by Phantom Lord

    Through the clouds
    The suns brings light...

  • If I was young,
    know my body was so tired...

  • Dear Friend, Chapter 6: The Meetings (1) 1

    by Kryptonite Dreamer

    Sitting here,
    Seeing everyone just as broken as myself...

  • Glowing (1) 7

    by nourayasmine

    I’ve been told many myths
    about death...

  • Becomes me

    by Teria Westerviller

    Joy escapes me,
    flirting with death...