Poems About Death

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  • Atropos

    by nourayasmine

    Let me guess.
    Tonight, you're scrolling through...

  • Haunted (1) 1

    by Lost Shadow

    everyone thinks that I'm all better
    that I'm all healed up now...

  • lullaby (1) 2

    by Lost Shadow

    voice beautiful like a lullaby
    whispering sweet words...

  • last battle (1) 1

    by Lost Shadow

    echoes of your beautiful voice everywhere I go
    those hazel eyes stained in the back of my mind...

  • Ideations. (3) 2

    by Poet on the Piano

    [trigger/content warning]
    Waking up suicidal...

  • [Death]. 1

    by Poet on the Piano

    I have accepted you,
    not as an inglorious extension...

  • Once I’m dead and no longer writing balderdash
    Please, bathe me in plaster...

  • Lost love 1

    by Vicki Reddicliffe

    Darkness ascends once again
    You were the beacon of my life...

  • If I died 2

    by ForestingDreams

    If i died
    who would cry...

  • Suddenly (1) 4 WIN

    by Maple Tree

    Many words written of death...

  • February the 154th 1

    by nourayasmine

    Warning: This isn't a poem,
    just a really lengthy piece of word vomit...

  • Crimson blood seeping
    Through the walls, of a frail heart...