Stay Beautiful

by Searching for Guidance   Oct 23, 2008

The world will pull you down,
Stay beautiful.
It'll answer with a frown,
Stay beautiful.

If you lose your beauty
That glow from deep inside
You'll be giving up your duty,
To sulk away and hide.

People will envy you,
To yourself you must be true.
You are so very beautiful,
Not one inch of you is dull.

Bask in eternal sunlight.
Shine with stars at night.
Your beauty fills the room.
Each lingering stare doth loom.

For we all, are dazzled by your light,
Bewildered at the sight.
Who knew that so much beauty, existed on the earth?
The moment baby blue eyes emerged right at your birth

Your goal is to spread your beauty, your charm, and your appeal.
To make all unbelievers know that you are real.
People like you exist lovley from inside out.
You must show the world what this true love is about.

That's why I beg of you right here and right now,
Please dear, do stay beautiful, find it within yourself, somehow.

****For the few individual one is blessed to meet in one's life that are truly beautiful: inside and out. To all of you, and to Jenn.****


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