Heaven's Gates

by Searching for Guidance   Oct 28, 2008

A cold chill comes and finds me in the night.
Startled, I wake up with quite a fright.
The empty spot beside me mocks and points,
Where there once laid your perfect bodily joints.
A permanent dent embedded in your place,
Leaving me a look of pure disgrace.
I want you back, but now I know you're gone.
Without you there, the nights all seem so long.
I'll look for you each day on every street,
Finding a glimpse of you in everyone I meet.
Heaven's gates opened wide for you in style,
As God embraced you fully with a smile.
He made you his honorary angel--in charge of me.
At times looking up at the heavens I know I see,
A smiling face, an outstretched hand.
Being with you someday will be grand.
Forever was a promise, and one that we will share,
When we're reunited in heaven, free to go anywhere.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Rachel

    You are a great writer well done I really like this keep up the good work :) 5/5