The Decent Conduit

by Quietly Versed   Nov 15, 2008

And we shall not rave to the infidels,
Let us become calm as they diverge,
We will strange our hearts to folly's tavern.

Let them thirst for insensible ale,
We shall feast in the company of nobles,
Come my cohorts, choose the path of least digression.

They will cloak themselves with deceit,
They rendezvous on the soil of devastation,
Let us be burdened with justice.

The infantile will be naked once more,
Stripping themselves of integrity,
We will adorn our vessel with their shams.

Watch them charade in the courts of aristocracy,
A banquet paraded with an egotistic verve,
Rest my allies, in the destined judgment owed to man.

Listen to the miserable, they wail for a savior.
They swallow their tears, as they feast on damnation.
Let us pardon them, the despondent devotees.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Quietly Versed

    The speaker in this poem is someone who chooses with good moral fiber to do what is right. And he is bellowing his anthem of justice to those who live their life honorably and honestly. While he is speaking to people of integrity, he is speaking about people who lack moral fiber.

  • 9 years ago

    by Spirit

    Is this a religious poem?

    oh well it doesn't matter.

    I love the word choice, even it I had to open a dictionary everyother term. But once you understand was is being said the poem becomes deeper and more intrigueing.

    thank your for the read