This Pain

by Lynnnn   Nov 20, 2008

The nights are lonely without you
I'm alone and don't know what to do
The tears run down my face
I can't stop, I need to get away

My life is in depth of depression
The pain lingers in my emotions
I wish I could've told you how I felt
now theres nothing to say

All I can do now is try to be happy
I can't survive without you here with me
The pain grows stronger
I can't take it much longer

There's no one to light up these dark nights
No one to light up my life
My heart is broken in two
Everything is making me confused

I'm stuck in this small room
Please I don't want this to be true
You're gone and I'm alone
My life sings in a sad tone

My love lives in your heart
These jigsaw puzzles torn apart
You tell me to be strong and pray
But I have so much to say

But I cant say nothing
I might go crazy

We had so much chapters
This is not so pure
Our memories are read
now I'm mislead

When I look above
The evening star represents our love
as I sing to it
I'm hoping you'll hear it

I miss you so much
I need your soft touch
I'm stuck in a maze
How do I go on in these days

I'm bleeding so much inside
You're my love, my everything, my life
Please heal these cuts of pain
I want to survive with your faith

I love you
I need you
I hope you see me
Because I need to tell you


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