Im Not the type of girl to

by Baybeeh   Nov 26, 2008

Im not the type of girl to;

tell you exactly what i want,
as much as i want something from you,
i will never let you know.
i would rather keep to myself
and let the ones that care, figure me out.

tell you if what your doing is hurting me,
if you're hurting me by what you're saying,
i will think for weeks on end how i should tell you,
rather than say straight up, what wrong.

tell you i love you if i dont,
if i love someone they should know,
if i dont, i wont hurt them by saying i do

tell you i hate you if i dont know you,
i dont hate anyone.
and i hate it
when people expect you to hate someone
just because they do.

tell you lies that mean everything to you, but nothing to me,
words can be simple, words can be complicated.

i never say something meaningful unless
i know what the end result will be.
And even if it
isnt what i plan it to be, it's what i feel, and it's real.

So im going to;
tell you what i want
tell you when your hurting me
tell you i love you, and mean it
tell you the honest truth
Not hate anyone for unknown reasons.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Briana

    I love this poem! it totaly reminds myself of me! gret job! :)