Love is like a labyrinth

by Baybeeh   Nov 30, 2008

It has a start, and an end.
But it's up to you to decide which way to go.
you'll find turns along the way,
but the choice is up to you which one you take.
and when you do,
you could think it's the best decision you've ever made,
until you hit a dead end and realize,
everything you put your faith into,
turned out to be another disappointment,
and as much as you dont want to...
you'll have to walk down that road again knowing,
it was once your ticket out of this maze.
But it isnt until you realize that there are better things
around different corners, and one will lead you to see,
that hard work pays off.
Along the way, you may doubt yourself,
and not believe your heart.
But when you finally find the path,
that leads you to your way out... your end.
you'll realize that every decision you ever made
-no matter how hard it may have been-
it lead you to the ending you have,
it made you stronger,
it kept faith,
knowing something better is just a footstep away.

**your key out depends on the journey you lead to the end


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