Gold in her eyes

by PS   Dec 3, 2008

In the lost pages of history
There lies a mystery in myth
a woman who once held gold in her eyes
and berry juices splashed on her lips
Now they say when giving a kiss
her bronze cheeks run with tears

Collected in glass jars these tears
could now tell a history
as always, the beginning was just a kiss
but all the meaning ended as a myth
the warmth slipped from her lips
and the blaze dimmed in her eyes

stories are told of her eyes
but after fading by tears
her eyes shown less, the red washed from her lips
tales never captured intensity from history
slowly the truth disappeared into obscure myth
with the happy purity of her kiss

now filthy blasphemy rules each kiss
memories of another life rule her eyes
never hurting, to her is a myth
true love causing continuous tears
bemoaning her ancient painful history
never passing hers, nor another's lips

no one remembers, nothing of luscious berry lips
different taste of her mouth, nothing of her epic kiss
waiting to be brought back from history
to recapture the bright sun eyes
would mean to erase the tears
create new lore, replace the old myth

where is now the creator of the myth
who created her anew with quivering lips
and washed away her image with tears
awakening by whose gentle kiss
will put the gold back into her eyes
will bring her back from the dust of history

erase the myth, awaken with a kiss
rouge the lips, shine golden eyes
take the tears, place them into eternal history


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Brittany C

    I really liked this poem. The wording was great. I gave it a 5/5.

  • 10 years ago

    by Teria

    "Collected in glass jars these tears
    could now tell a history"

    ** Those lines are broken up in the wrong area. Maybe try; [Collected in glass jars,
    these tears could now tell history.]

    Other than that minor thing there's nothing wrong, at all with this poem. Well, other than the entire punctuation thing that I explained before. But, once again it's not THAT big of deal it would just give it that "wow! flow!" type thing. But, it's still a good poem without the punctuation.