Moving on to a better place.

by Alex   Dec 10, 2008

Your nostalgic eyes are widened with blossoming colors of pinks. As you waken to the sound of the beautiful birds song, it sings for you and the air you breathe, the grass you lay on, and the sky of purple violet sunset, taking you forward to the place you've always wanted to see,
making your eyes halt on the spot of the glissoning walls. Taking in your appearance you see, shining back at you. So wonderful the sight of it all. The flowing grass beneath your feet sweeps so lightly to the singing birds beat.
The voices whispering in your ears sound so heavenly divine, that you could simply never decline. Succumb to the sounds, the feelings, the colors of the forest, the voices, the wind, and you begin to mend.....


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  • 10 years ago

    by Gem

    Bravo! Really really beautiful.

    I can't think of anything to critizise, haha. It was perfect apart from little thing "Glistening" is the correct spelling =)

    Excellent piece of poetry!


  • 10 years ago

    by Gasttlee

    Wow! You imagery really came to life. I understood everything it was saying, everything it meant. This is definitely a great poem about life. 5/5