by Poetic Grunt   Dec 23, 2008

War is hell and men will die
Lives for sale but nobody cries
Away from what matters most
Family ties weaken until eventually broke
The strain on the hearts almost to much to take
The faces of men who's smile they fake
Pretending it will all be OK
That this war will be over someday
So we can return home forget about what was done
Turn in our gear and hang up our guns
But until that day comes out of the blue
We Solemnly make this promise to all of you
We will fight and we will win
No matter the cost and we'll gladly do it again
Home of the free and home of the brave
what else is there if there's nothing to save
So on wards we fight into the setting sun
Even if we die our lives will have just begun
We are always there always and forever
We The Infantry Masters of Terror


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  • 8 years ago

    by X Harlea X


  • 9 years ago

    by X Harlea X

    Wow, I liked this piece. it was very descpritive and enjoyable. It was also very detailed for what you guys go through for our country. Your ryhming was excellent as well.
    I thank you for what you are all going through for our country and hope you all come back safe and sound.
    ((5)) Harlea

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