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~~~Published Author in the book " In My Lifetime: Reminisce "

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  • Crossing roads that are old and broken,
    sights and cities that used to be a treasured...

  • The darkness swallows everything.
    My mind Races as I stare out at the vast ocean...

  • Here lies the souls that were too soft for your...
    The ones that wanted nothing but to be the light...

  • Mercy 1

    Where were you, when I was falling apart?
    Lying there, crying with a bleeding heart...

  • What good is it to smile everyday?
    To pretend like everything is okay...

Latest Quotes By X Harlea X

  • I've made my way through hell and back so many times and always come out stronger than ever. Why is it, this time it is so hard to make my way back without breaking? How much more do they expect me to take...

    11 years ago
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  • Sometimes life is difficult, but the only thing that truly matters is the fact that you give it your best and show the world, the real you. Don't live life with regrets, life with with the anticipation that tomorrow will bring a better day.

    11 years ago
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  • Some say " Life sucks. Then you die. " I say " Suck it up and live it. " :)

    11 years ago
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