Dear Heart;

by Baybeeh   Jan 4, 2009

Dear heart, are you listening
Can you feel what I feel?
Is it in my head?
Or is it real

Is he the reason
I lie awake at night
Is he the reason
I put up this fight

This is more than a feeling
This is more than a word
He was all I lived for
He was my entire world

This is not
How I want my story to end
You left me with my heart broken
Asking myself �will it mend?�

But I can�t move on
Cause that means forgetting you
Everything we had
Oh what am I to do

Dear heart does he love her
Does he treat her better than he ever did me
Does he care about her
Is she everything he needs

Is she the reason
He can�t fall asleep
Is she the reason
His knees go weak


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  • 9 years ago

    by ToRn iiN2 PeIcEs

    Wow this is sad
    but i like it and i can so relate to this :)